Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There Are Never Bad Kids....

This is Riley, one of my nephews and king of my fan club.This morning, just as soon as he brought his naked little self down the stairs, this beautiul blue-eyed boy walked right up to me and acted like he was going to hug me.
He got to where I could almost wrap my arms around him and he smiled and spit in my face and said "I hate you Aunt Moses." Then he laughed and ran away singing something that I couldn't understand.
It's another bright and joyful day in the neighborhood.
Nothing but love love love and good times.
At least I always know what to expect.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Hmmmm. Sounds pleasant. What did you do?

That brings back awful memories of being spit on back in my preschool summer job days. Spit was always my trigger and I had to just walk away so as not to explode. I could handle hair-pulling and kicking all day, but spit... Eewwwww.

MomoMasters said...

Same thing i do every day when he does this....get up and go to the basement...and,'s sad to say I've gotten used to being spit on... ick.