Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eight IS Enough!!!!


For the first time in my adult life I am full of hope... hope for the future....hope for our children and parents...hope for the legacy I believe we can and will leave behind. GO OBAMA GO!!!! The DNC is taking place about a half an hour away from where I sit, but I can feel the energy clear out here on the plains near the western slope.

I actually had little tears of joy. The last time I cried about anything political was the 2000 election, and those tears came from a place of absolutely hopeless disillusionment and disbelief.

I sincerely believe we are on the brink of a change in America and I believe even more strongly that Obama is going to lead us to that change.

I wonder if this is how our parents and grandparents felt about Kennedy.

Now, I gotta go sign up to volunteer... You ought to do the same. Be the change you can be and do NOT let your dreams be deferred for one more moment.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I was thinking the same thing - wondering if this is how it was when Kennedy ran! It's amazing.