Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, it's become abundantly clear that I'm not going to update this thing, like, everyday.
(I'm always so ambitious right out of the gate.)
But, on the upside, I am getting plenty of submissions to keep this rolling for a while. Please tell everybody you know to play along.
There is all kinds of fun to be had.
So yea - this IS my grandson. But, seriously. He is so cute and I really like the perspective. I'm hoping this will make you want to "Think outside the box" (to use a totally exhausted colloquialism ~ is it a colloquialism or just a cliche? ~)
The following fridge lives in New York City and makes me think about editors and people who love their animals. I get that on so many levels. It also makes me wonder just how long Cheryl and Lyle Lovett have been together.

Kansas City is a good place for Barbeque and a better place to consider what's inside AND on top of the fridge. (since I've so very rarely even seen the top of a fridge, I'm very curious now.)
Please send your inclusions to: mo
Thank you so very much.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fridge Doors Commentary

The response to my Fridge Door project has been amazing. I will continue to support the Internet and all word-of-mouth promotions that have helped build this empire ~ Thanks for all the bytes and words!
There are so many layers to this study and if I were in the mood to get another degree, I'd be all over this. However, this post is just something to get some feedback, maybe generate some dialog... on the thought processes that go into creating the ambient art known as the Fridge Door.
I've researched it way more than is reasonable and come up with nothing. I got nothing here, seriously? My first thought is that, surely, I cannot be the first person to think of this.
I keep hitting brick walls, no good information.
So, I've built a presence on facebook and would love it if you could drop in. I've got coffee on, and some day-old scones. We'll just hang and chat while I transcribe huge parts of our conversation into content on my laptop.
Seriously. It's warm here, there's no reason not to come by.
We'll do research, tell stories.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fridge Door Project. 4th Post

In case you just got to the table, I'm doing a project on fridge doors. Like snowflakes, no two are alike.
Visit often, leave feedback if you drop in. I'm researching the psychology behind the door...Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I would very much appreciate it if you could take a digital picture of yours for me and maybe tell me a little something about it. Whatever you'd feel like sharing with the class would be sweet.This one belongs to Mike Manley (an artist currently in PA.) He confirms my premature, but solid, belief that artists and writers have the coolest stuff. Artists who are also writers are off the chart.
So far, anyway.
Send me yours...

Please pass the word around - I'd love to see your fridge.
email images and any copy to:


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Fridge Project: Day Three

A teacher I know opens this fridge every day. There may be a beer in there and in Tulsa you can go to a drive-through liquor store and the dirt is red.
This is one neat and tidy kitchen and the minimalist approach to refrigerator adornment.
The fridge in Kansas where someone (namely: Christina) just got accepted into the Masters Program at The University of Kansas and they love their Pugs.
The story is this: I'm beginning a project (like Post Secret) - just with fridge doors.
I appreciate everyone who has sent me theirs so far, and would encourage you to do the same and encourage everyone you know to do it too.

Always carry a camera. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fridge Door Blog. Oh yea.

This fridge lives in North Carolina, the Tri-City area. The owners may have Kansas ties - as they have the Wicked Witch on there. I see international travel, siblings (perhaps), Wooly Willy (who personally saved my life in the waiting room at the doctor's office when I was 6), Girl Scouts, babies and a fairly conservative approach to Fridge Art.

This fridge has real estate in a totally cool apartment in downtown Elmhurst (Chicago-ish) and is that killer shade of Avocado. I love when the family is all over the front.
This one is in Lawrence, Kansas and most resembles what happens in my homes to our fridges. Danger and his family know how to do it up. Word.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Reality Fridge 1.0

Everybody has one.
What does yours look like?
Think "Post Secret" in the kitchen.
There are those who do
And those who don't.
Is there anything on your fridge?
I'm thinking you should share with the class.
What's on your fridge?
Please forward to or or However you like it. Thanks!!! XOXO