Friday, March 6, 2009

The Fridge Project: Day Three

A teacher I know opens this fridge every day. There may be a beer in there and in Tulsa you can go to a drive-through liquor store and the dirt is red.
This is one neat and tidy kitchen and the minimalist approach to refrigerator adornment.
The fridge in Kansas where someone (namely: Christina) just got accepted into the Masters Program at The University of Kansas and they love their Pugs.
The story is this: I'm beginning a project (like Post Secret) - just with fridge doors.
I appreciate everyone who has sent me theirs so far, and would encourage you to do the same and encourage everyone you know to do it too.

Always carry a camera. Thanks.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Mom, I am totally thinking you need to turn this into a book. Collect a few hundred pics, maybe have a short story or two?

I was talking to a guy in the Psy PI (Psychology in the Public Interest - hippie types they are) program at State and he said that he knows someone did a dissertation on fridge decor and how it communicates control for women or something. I'll do some digging.