Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fridge Doors Commentary

The response to my Fridge Door project has been amazing. I will continue to support the Internet and all word-of-mouth promotions that have helped build this empire ~ Thanks for all the bytes and words!
There are so many layers to this study and if I were in the mood to get another degree, I'd be all over this. However, this post is just something to get some feedback, maybe generate some dialog... on the thought processes that go into creating the ambient art known as the Fridge Door.
I've researched it way more than is reasonable and come up with nothing. I got nothing here, seriously? My first thought is that, surely, I cannot be the first person to think of this.
I keep hitting brick walls, no good information.
So, I've built a presence on facebook and would love it if you could drop in. I've got coffee on, and some day-old scones. We'll just hang and chat while I transcribe huge parts of our conversation into content on my laptop.
Seriously. It's warm here, there's no reason not to come by.
We'll do research, tell stories.

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