Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I Remembered

To be fair, I may have known a lot of this stuff at some point in my life, but apparently that information got squeezed out and replaced with (what I can only fiugre is) random stuff that doesn't matter all that much.
1. You have to have the right tool for the job.
2. Even though something may look like it works and it's all good, it could be tragically and dangerously broken.
3. You really can't believe most anything you hear or read and it's probably best to hedge your bets.
4. You simply can't go back.
5. If you do lots of dishes by hand all your callouses will magically disappear. And, not in a good way.
6. Warm and clean clothes can turn a day around.
7. There really are no bad kids, just sadly misinformed and/or lazy parents.
8. Holding people to the same standards you hold yourself to will only lead to heart ache.
9. Expectations may, indeed, only be premeditated resentments, but there's no real way to live a full life without them.
10. There seriously is NO gain with NO pain.

So, there y'have it. Perhaps I just needed to leave this here so I can come back and find out what it is that I think I know.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I'm a fan of #4 on the list. Aaand so happy that you're blogging! I want to hear about Chicago. It seems that people I know tend to gravitate to that area and it's perplexing to me.