Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I Never Thought I'd See

It is a chilly Tuesday night in Chicago and it's got me all contemplative.
Seasonal changes have a way of doing that to me.
Last weekend I saw an older lady in Union Square, pushing one of those wheelie-grocrey-cart things that you often see older people in urban areas pushing (or pulling).
In her cart she had a sleeping bag, a whole bunch of aluminum cans, the requisite boom box, a piece of firewood, what I could only assume was a backgammon board (or her briefcase) and a single ski. She had on flip-flops and mismatched socks, some way-wicked "I Love Kitty" capri pants, a hooded sweatshirt (that made "sweat" an integral part of the description) and she was wearing goggles that I thought only welders wear.
I don't think her hair had visited a brush or comb since Reagan was in office. And, I couldn't take a picture for fear that I'd capture her soul.
There's just no way, even with my wildest imagination, that I could have ever thought I'd see that.
And then there's my life. There are so many (Seriously, I'm talking sooo freakin' many) things I never thought I'd see....
Meet JT (my son, aka: Justin Thomas) and his son Felix Oliver.
I'm old enough to be a grandmother.
Never thought I'd see that.
Wow. Rock on.

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katiehinsey said...

that baby boy is adorable. you think he'll be bald for the first two years of his life like chels was? tehehe genetic revenge:)