Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dream Big Dreams....

When I was way too young to almost remember I believed I would grow up to be Mary Poppins. Christmas of 1964 Santa brought me her hat, her umbrella, her bag, a tea set and a table and chairs.
When my daughter was 4 she announced (repeatedly and to anyone who would listen) that she was going to be a doctor. She's scant moments away from making that real. I'm completely in the moment and way more Mary Poppins that not.
It's only been very recently that I've remembered that all I wanted to do (when I was 4) was to be that person who could show up with flashlights and monkeys and socket sets and duct tape and oatmeal and hot chocolate in my purse. And, here it is.... today...and I am that person.
I am a nazi... I expect everybody to use their manners. I believe that we all wake up... every morning, and we do the best we can... and, every once in a while...somebody will show up with all the tools we need to do our job right...or have our backs tickled....or we'll spoon and laugh and sing the songs our mom taught us.
I'm just amazed at how everything you wish for will come to you.
You just have to remember what it is that you wished for.


katiehinsey said...

I remember dreaming about going to africa and being a zoologist. I think that stemmed from living on a farm and wanting to travel. Welp, here I am, a traveler. Not by any means a zoologist technically, but more and more each day, teaching children is kind of like the 'hand-rearing' section of the zoo. I guess what it comes down to is that when you are a child, your dreams are based on things you've been shown growing up. Things that you are allowed to dream, but change and tailor and dream about some more. But as an adult, that dream is still somewhere in your life, hopefully woven and threaded through, the essence giving support to all you do. Yup. I think you're right.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I did want to be a doctor! And a doctor for kids. So I'm headed that way, minus the math and chemistry. :)

Love ya mom.