Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Am I a Babysitter, An Au Pair or A Nanny?

Sometimes I just can't sleep. I think my people are hard-wired that way. I hear my daughter talk about it some. I dreamed of a huge river boat run aground then woke to discover I was worried. Ivan's got a report that is due on Friday and I have to get a physical for Auron, like, yesterday. And, now for reasons that completely escape me: Storm is the one who won't go to bed. Well, actually none of them will go to bed, but she used to at least pretend like she was.
Life is good in Chicago.
Everyone seems to be adapting well.
We haven't been asked to leave any public places this week.
And, yet... here I am... wide awake.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I would say nanny, because au pair sounds pretentious, or French. :) But that's just me. More than a babysitter, for sure.

I saw that you called yesterday. This week is just flat out of control and I'm at school in the shared office all the time, so not answering the phone so much. I love you still!

katiehinsey said...

in china they're called 'Ayi' which kinda has a nice ring to it. Someone that is paid to watch the kids, become a pseudo part of the family only to be taken care of by them and vice versa. i'm not sure how integrated you are but Ayi (pronounce Eye-ee) Moe sounds smashing. If you want you can come here and take care me. i need that every once in a while...:) love!