Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How To Be Spiritually Green

This is my little buddy, Auron Alfons Lorenz.
I know the picture is fuzzy, but he had just satisfied the physical need to touch the lens.
The hat was new.
It was cold.
The day after we got the hat he got sicker than a dog. Made me wish I'd been paying closer attention.
As we speak (as they say) - he is sound asleep on the couch to my left in my room.
Auron may be the guy who is in charge of teaching me to follow my heart... go with the flow... Chillax.
When he's hungry: He eats. He eats a wide variety of things and very rarely craves crap food. He likes his milk at a pretty set time every day...always about the same amount. He hates broccoli. He is a three year old who can be tricked into eating cauliflower in a wide range of ways and enjoys being a carnivore.
He wants to play with blocks almost every day at about the same time. He's pretty insistant that we re-do whatever it is that we did the day before, and that we add a little sumptin sumptin new every so often (to keep it fresh for the kid).
He wants to read either A) The Cat in the Hat Comes Home (NOT the original Cat in the Hat, mind you - rather some hybrid that doesn't have the perfect cadence ifound n the original. *Jeeeesh*) or B) Elmo's Gigantic Freakin Book of Pop Uppiness. I don't know what it's called, but Auron has memorized it and it's had a huge part in helping him with colors, numbers and the alphabet. He's amazing. The book grows old on about the 75th read, but it's one of those "Don't fix it if it isn't broke" things.
He naps when he's tired. He has to be really tired, sure. But, eventually... he will almost always fall asleep in the late afternoon. Then he will sleep like a rock and be a TOTAL 3-year-old about waking up. But, he obviously needs the nap and he will always take one when left to his own devices.
I've come to think that there is an intrinsic value in choosing to live this way and that we're denyed that opportunity by virtue of actually having a life (being a grown-up). But, I think there's got to be some way to restore a little more attention to these details. There's got to be a way to pay the bills, have fun, be true to yourself but STILL have a nap and eat blueberries for dinner sometimes.
I think I'm sleepy.
And a little hungry.
For chicken nuggets.
and Ranch dressing.
and red cherries.


katiehinsey said...

one of the best pieces of advice i received was to really listen to what your body and mind are telling you they need. Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that we need to be doing something else when our body says, no you're tired, sit down. Or the opposite--I don't wanna go for a walk where somewhere inside of you is saying-you need sunshine! Whenever I remember this one, i always feel more satisfied at the end of the day...livin' like a three year old (as long as they aren't the INCREDIBLY spoiled kind:)

Samabelle said...

youre awesome