Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fourth Grade Class Rocks the Adler

Yesterday I got to go with Storm's class to the Adler Planetarium in downtown Chicago. It is right on Lake Michigan nestled on this little peninsula that appears to house a few good places (mostly the Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum) and made me appreciate how land-locked Kansas is.
I know that Lake Michigan is just a lake, but...seriously, it's huge. It felt more like being near an ocean.
We got on a big ol school bus with, like, 60 fourth grade students and spent an action-packed 5 hours (or so) burning calories and learning about planetary phenomena.
What follows are my Top Four Favorite Pictures of the Day.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

How awesome, mom! No pics of the Obama motorcade though?

I immediately thought of all the fabulous pics you took at the zoo when you went on class field trips with us as kids. You are definitely a cool field trip chaperon.

Love you!