Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night Secret

Well Hi boys and girls. Welcome back.
Shut th'door, you're gonna let in the flies.

It's been an eventful and adventurous week.
Wow. How I've missed you.

Man. Lets bake some brownies.
Most relevant discovery of this week is that when I get sick I turn into at least 4 of the 7 Contemporary Dwarves:
Pissy, Crabby, Cranky and Weepy.
Yea. My four least favorite dwarves.
I guess that's a good thing to know.
And, now I have that.
OH yea! and, I have absolute proof that, indeed, the best laid plans of mice and men (blah blah blah). Insert unreasonably long diatribe here for yourself. I'm exercising discipline and practicing the "Just Shut Up" approach. But, c'mon. Seriously?
And, the last thought for the night is this: how could it possibly be that expectations are just premeditated resentments? I've heard that often, and am just curious about how this works?
I mean, I think living with no expectations somehow devalues your personal investment in your own well-being.
Just a thought. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, lots of action, adventure, no police activity no injuries.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I am confused. This is all sounding quite philosophical, and I struggle with philosophy as it is. But I love you very much. My brain has started to turn to gray goo, neurons firing willy-nilly. Eyes hurt. Time to look away from the lappy.