Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Things I Know About Me

My daughter, Chelsea, tagged me with this blog-i-ness... the object is to post 10 things about yourself and forward this on to, ooooohhh I dunno, like, 5 friends and have them post 10 things about themselves... and send it back to the person who sent to you as well. Since I simply don't know even 5 people who maintain a blog, I'm just doing this to be doing this and get more familiar with the whole blogging process.

1. I have a half-sister in Japan that I just found out about.
2. I've gotten to experience the thrill of a 10 minute Standing Ovation.
3. I hate to go shopping and really prefer the fashions that went out of style years ago.
4. I can be a collassal pain and way too dramatic.
5. I love traveling on a train more than any other mode of travel ever.
6 When our family beagle died some years ago it broke my heart in two and I'll never have another dog for just that reason.
7. I measure my self-worth by the successes and failures of my children...
8. I used to surround myself with more stuff than you could fill an antique store with - now I've apparently gone all minimal... and I really like white... white everything.
9. Even though I know it's bad for me, I really feel good when I've laid out in the sun.
10. The only recurring bad dream I have is one where my teeth keep falling out at bad times.

Go fiugre.
tag. You're it.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Aaaaah I found it! There is actually a blog at moemosmuse... is that you too? Because it doesn't have posts... But I thought it was you.

Okay. :)

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I thought it meant your own, like not shared with anyone - when I was a kid. Didn't I share with Justin or Kinta or something until like middle school? Oh wait, not, Oakland... Ummm ??

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Time to update!

Tess said...

"I've gotten to experience the thrill of a 10 minute Standing Ovation."

My gods. I misread this sentence.

I thought you said...

Standing Ovulation.

And then my head exploded!

Meagarita said...

Thank you for being here with me now! I love having you here! You are truly a ray of sunshine. So glad we've had this time together! I want it to last and last like the everlasting gobstopper! Love Love you xxxoo
your not so half sister Meagarita