Saturday, March 29, 2008

Privledge and Poverty

John Scalzi's post on "Being Poor" has initiated a whole world of thought in my already short-circuited melon. There is another post making the rounds right now about privilege. It was developed by a group of students at the University of Indiana and asks a series of questions regarding what you do and/or don't have, how you're treated, your exposure to critical thinking and a number of other questions designed to illustrate privilege or lack there-of.
I can't help but think this consideration is so relative on a number of different levels, and so revealing on a bunch more.
Relative in that some people today are quite literally raised by televisions and video games and have TVs in every room, but they've never been taken to a doctor or dentist. Relative in that so many have so much but couldn't squeeze a hug out if they had to.
Relative in that we're nurturing a whole new generation of our future leaders to believe that there really is no value in saying, "God bless you" or giving of themselves in the form of community service.... Relative in that, our parents' generation took it for granted that we had family and we stayed connected with said family and helped love, nurture and look-after them when and if the need arose. It shames me to know that our children don't have any of that nature left in them. So, yea - it's all relative.
And, at exactly the same time: This is all so revealing. The things that we as a culture have placed importance on are really of so little consequence. This revelation does make me wonder what will become of us as we evolve even further...

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Tess said...

At the moment, financially speaking...I have nothing. Nada. Nowt. Zilch.

I actually have less than that because of eleventy hundred medical bills, but that's beside the point...what I DO have though, is the blessing of having experienced great, great love. Not everyone is that lucky.

I have these memories, these experiences and these feelings that - at least I think - enrich me and make me stronger, and more vital.

All the money in the world couldn't give me that.