Saturday, March 29, 2008

Most Relevant Cliches For Today

With great privilege comes great responsibility.
What you allow you teach.
yeaaaaa... there's that.
Relative only in that the longer I live the more secure I become in my belief that people with the most privilege have the least common sense and respect. Respect for others, respect for crazy expensive stuff... It just never ceases to blow me away.
And, I've seen this world where people allow other people to treat them with the greatest abuse or lack of kindness and empathy... and subsequently are creating these humans that are taught that these things are of no value. So, go ahead and allow whatever you're too tired or lazy or scared to change and guarantee that it will live on forever.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Hey mom. How about an uplifting/the world will turn out okay/there are lots of good people in the world post?

;) I love you very much!

Tess said...

I couldn't agree more.

(Like you didn't already know that!)