Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey kids!
I know it's been a while since I dropped in, but I've been busy conquering the castle and taming the natives. It's been (Seriously) Un (freakin) believably cold here in Chicago, yet none of the natives seem to be deeply affected. I am cold. All. The. Time.

I've figured out a whole bunch of things since we last sat down for a beer and some Portillo's Hot Dogs and my back is killing me.
So, here's a little deal about Geography: Chicago is, indeed, North of Wichita. And, when I say "North" here, I don't mean like, Kansas-City-North, I mean like Canada. Like the Arctic. Like I can relate to my cousins in Alaska a whole lot better now North. For real. Are you kidding me here? This is my second winter here in as many years, and I have to tell you: THIS is ridiculous.
If you live here you have to have good boots
and you have to wear them.
(In KS our boots were a whole lot more Fashion Statement and a whole lot less Frostbite Prevention).
The Full Moons and the days of sunshine are coordinated.
(Not a whole lot of sunshine so far this year).
Temperatures below freezing are tolerated and not discussed in social situations for weeks on end.
I'm just saying. Thasssallllll....
And - planning a train trip is more fun than rustlin' kitties, I'm tellin'ya.
I'm going to KS for a spot here soon.
Thinking about hobos and how they do it.
Don't feel like jumpin freight these days, nor do I feel like surfing CraigsList and gambling on goodness.
Discovered that some p
eople must simply have fresh air (or they'll slowly die inside....) I'm genetically predisposed to needing fresh air on an hourly basis, as was my father. I clearly remeber thinking he was completely whacked for keeping a window by his head open just a bit all winter.
I thought it only fair to tell you. Before we commit. Oh yea.... And, I was raised Catholic, so I'm all conflicted and whatnot...

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