Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cities and States

Welcome to Chicago!
This is a part of downtown Chicago, a place I arguably don't go much. But, by virtue of living in one of the thousands of villages that
band together to call themselves "Chicago Land" I do get to welcome you here and tell you that should you find yourself here don't panic. The buildings are tall and the sun is blocked out. The traffic is seriously insane, but if you're not in a rush you can get anywhere - ask almost anybody.
In spite of their "In Person" kindness: Do NOT jack somebody up on a big road (I don't know what else to call them. In Wichita I had "The Tall Road" and "The Big Road." One was a north-south and one was a east-west).
What this means is that you must go at least 7 miles over the posted speed limit and you must know exactly where you are going at all times. The Road is not a place to figure it out.
People here scream, honk and flip you off on these big roads. I've sworn off 'em as I only seem to cause angst. And, shoul
d you choose to bravely navigate one of these roads: Look out for the really short ethnic man. He is usually driving a Mercedes or Beemer, maybe the occasional Audi. But, the RSEM will, with absolutely NO regard for you, decide he wants the lane you're in. It does not matter if you are completely in that lane - if he wants it he will take it. Screaming at him and using hand gestures will be of no consequence, as the RSEM will never give you the satisfaction of turning his head and looking at you. It is very much as if you were invisible. This phenomenon happens ALL the time. Just be alert, pay attention.
Another great Chicago thing: FOOD. Portillos Hot Dogs. I'm just sayin' - if you haven't had one, you haven't had a dog. I've heard that the beef sandwiches are beside themselves, too. But, at this posting, have had no need to fix what isn't
Gyro King or Dengeos. OMG. I am a Certified Gyro Consultant, and these are among the best. ever. anywhere. Oh yea, and they each weigh about 3 pounds.
Bob Chinns Crabhouse in Wheeling is well worth what ever you have to successfully navigate to get there. Last I heard, they flew in 2 or 3 loads of fresh seafood every day, and the taste and food qualit
y bear testiment to that. I can personally back the Alaskan King Crab, fresh oysters, all the shrimp and scallops and their Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder will make you do the Happy Dance if you've never had fresh Sea Soup.
Last bit of unsolicited Chicago world tonight: These people party like Rock Stars and take their sports seriously. On the Great Prairie we really enjoyed high school football and summer softball, but Wow. I think everybody should spend some time in a city that has big time sports enthusiasts and learn to stay up till sunrise.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Makes me want to visit so bad!

I'm glad you are enjoying the big city, apart from the coooooold and snow. But that should end soon... right?

Love you.