Thursday, February 5, 2009

From The Road: Union Station

I'm sitting in a bar in Union Station. Downtown Chicago. Freakin' winter. Still. It may always be. Had to walk 2 blocks from the Metra Station, but met some nice people along the way, so it was a good time - even though it's 20 below with the wind chill and I forgot to bring gloves.

I've wanted to take a whole bunch of pictures, but I'm packed like a llama in Peru and I have to conserve energy and motion. The pictures would have just illustrated what it's like to be in the third largest city in America, and how very much unlike a Cowtown in KS it is. But, I have seen a lot of Amish people downtown today, so that's a little familiar. I'm headed to see my son, his wife and (The Child of Perfection) my grandson in Lawrence, KS. Felix (the afore mentioned child) is about to turn a year old and I've been aching to tell him some stuff and hold him. I also think his parents need a night out - till sunrise. All parents need this and maybe some adult beverages. I've got two hours till I board the Southwest Chief to head down south. I love to travel on trains. A lot. I'm planning on taking some pictures there AND seeing if I've got wifi. So far, I can and have found free wifi almost everywhere in America, so I'm hopeful but not optimistic about the train. It's supposed to be 68 degrees on Saturday where I'm headed. It's WICKED cold in ChiTown. I remain unconvinced that winter is all that cool, and I probably won't actually pray for snow again for many years to come. Let this serve as a dual warning: Be careful what you wish for AND I'm going to be there soon - hide the breakables. I'll see you in another time zone. Call.write.drop in.

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