Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Love Chelsea Maureen Mueller Bartel

26 years and a handful of hours ago Chelsea was born in Kansas. Today is her birthday and she has been on my mind in a big way the last few days.
What follows are the Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad Chelsea Was Born:

10. She is tenacious and pretty much unstoppable. When she makes up her mind on something, that tend
s to be the way it plays out.
9. Her perspective is so sunny. It seems that she very rarely sees things in negative ways. She is my Optimism Poster Child.

8. Chelsea is my favorite reason to consider living a
Purpose Filled Life. She is well-rounded and grabbing as much as she can while using her powers for good (never evil).
7. She doesn't seem to be scared by anything. I've heard myself tell her for years that she was brave (and funny and strong and smart and ...) But, it's a whole different deal actually watching her live such a brave life.

6. Chelsea has turned me onto some of my
most favorite music in the world. I guess it doesn't defy explanation that her musical taste, while not a carbon copy, is so much like mine.
5. She is a 5-Star, Low Maintenance world traveler. Girl's got some mileage
now - and some great pictures and stories.
4. She can keep her self together when a world is falling apart in a way that makes me proud. She's very strong this w
ay and I love that.
3. Her attention to detail is apparent in everything she touches. Her mix CDs are absolutely amazing, her home is well-appointed and just about perfect ... and she has an eye for media layouts that I have valued for the last ten years or so.
2. This may seem silly, but she has
some uber-hearing. Since she was a kid, if there were lyrics we couldn't figure out on a song, we'd go to Chelsea and ask her. She has provided us with this service since she was 8 or 9 years old.
1. And, the Number ONE reason I love Chelsea as much as I do is because she loves back so fiercely. She is loyal, empathetic and kind...she just about always provides calm...To know her is to love her.

So, since today's her birthday: Go tell
her happy birthday. She is one of many reasons that the world really is a better place.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Awwwww thanks mom. :) I love you very very much.