Thursday, February 26, 2009

Felix Oliver Mueller

This is my grandson, Felix Oliver Mueller. He was born almost one year ago (March 2nd, 2008) and he lives in Kansas (which is a pretty long ways away from me right now).
I built a pretty cool little video, BUT I failed to contact They Might Be Giants to make sure it was okay to use one of their songs for background music AND therefore it got yanked from facebook for copyright violations.
So, in lieu of that, to celebrate his one year on the planet, I'm blogging him with pictures.
He cut his two top teeth today and he says mom and dad. Soon he will say "Momo" and want to watch Pinky and The Brain (maybe some old Tick reruns).
The world is a much finer place by virtue of this little man and his parents and I'm hoping he knows that I'm in his pocket on his birthday - whether I'm there in person or not.

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